Happy Birthday, Georg!

Today is the 24th Georg’s bday and I would celebrate it with him and all the band. Well, I really don’t know exactly what he is doing for his bday, maybe he will spend time with her girlfriend or maybe Bill & Tom will go in Germany for celebrate their friend’s bday, the only thing I can wish for Georg is an amazing bday with all the people he loves and a lot of health and happiness.

I’ve always looked to Georg as a great friend, if I should do a name of boy to quote as best friend, I absolutely would say Georg’s name, seriously. I see to him as a good listener and a boy who is ready to give you a hand when you are in trouble and also a guy which to do crazy things and enjoy 24 hours a day.

He is an amazing bassist and I really love the way he plays piano and keyboards too. He’s a great player and I really admire him for his talent and his abilities.

What I admire in him is his dedication for what his work and his calm and patient, I really love the way he talks during the interview, he’s really intelligent and smart and I think you can talk with him about everything and I would be really curious to know all the things he knows, he is absolutely not a stupid and he knows to recognize who is a liar and not a good friend for him, as Bill & Tom he suffered for his parents’ divorce and I know that time wasn’t the best for him, but he’s a strong boy and he passed over that moment with his strenght.

I would really thank him for all the emotions he’s able to give me day by day with his music and I hope one day to have the pleasure to meet him, know him and can talk with him. He’s been able to learn me to don’t surrender, ever! That is only with own dedication and own strenght you can arrive to the aim and doesn’t matter how much you spend for arrive there, the most important thing is don’t surrender!

Thank you, Georg!