Going Back to the 50’s

The date for our school prom was revealed today. 8th of July! I think it’s only natural as a fully qualified 16 year old teenage girl that I start looking at dresses now, isn’t it? The actual date is 4 months away, but all the dresses in all the shops in the entire world will be gone by then! I must start looking immediately.

Anyway, my maths teacher, of all people, introduced me to the style of the 1950’s. My god, I will never go back. I will attend prom in a 1950’s dress even if it means burglary.

I googled some and came across Vivienne of Holloway and instantly fell in love.

Here are some of my personal favourites:

and now my personal favourite of the moment:

(photo credits to //www.vivienofholloway.com/en/)


What’s your favourite era where outfits are concerned? I’ve a feeling I’m going to be taking a trip back to the 1950’s… for a while.

Over & out ♥