free your mind, save your soul

“Love cannot save you from your own fate.” – Jim Morrison

today i decided to escape to the beach & spend some time with my little brother roscoe. after building his new ninja fort lego we went for a bike ride to the beach. while on the boardwalk roscoe got a hot dog & insisted on getting a pullover. i couldn’t say no, it looked far too cute on him!! he he. to end an amazing day we got ice cream at cold stones. on my way home i stopped to pick up my packages & this amazing white bunny hoodie came in that i ordered from tokyo. for some reason all my japanese hoodies fit perfectly but the sleeves are a little short.. are my arms too long or is there a new fashion trend i am not aware of? ahaha.. tonight i am laying low. going to spend sometime with my friend, get dinner & watch some movies.. lately, that is all i want to do.. a quiet movie night in seems to be winning over a night out.. hmm.. xoxo

think we’re going to watch the movie “the red shoes” tonight.

have you seen it? supposed to be great.