Exclusive: Pete Wentz Talks To Buzznet About a Black Cards Album, White People Problems, Enzymes and Japan

Little known fact: Fall Out Boy bassist and FriendsorEnemies founder Pete Wentz used to use Buzznet to share his photos an entire year before Buzznet had even hired any staff. That’s right, Buzznet has a loooong history of Pete Wentz fandom.

This is the first photo he ever posted to Buzznet, on January 14th, 2005:

Suffice to say, we go way back.

Pete Wentz has been all up in the media lately for reasons other than music, but Buzznet still craves the creativity (and shenanigans) that Pete has always brought to the scene. Breesays caught up with him in Mission, Texas at the NSN Festival last week to talk about his current project, Black Cards–who are hoping to announce a single and some exciting tour news soon.

Watch whole interview!

Four Black Cards songs have been released online since the band’s inception in early 2010, but there’s been little talk about a solid release. When we broached the subject, Pete said they have “enough songs for an album and then some extra songs” and are aiming for release in summer of 2011, but it’s all still up in the air. “The more people express interest, the more it’ll push the label.” Hear that, kids?

Speaking of which, Black Cards have taken to calling their fans “enzymes,” which was actually a term suggested by a fan. “The idea is that enzymes are catalysts–they make things happen.”

We asked Pete about his other artistic outlets (seeing as that his other entrepreneurial conquests include Clandestine Industries and Fall Out Toy Works) he basically confessed he has books written, but there are no plans to release. “I’ll leave that to the real writers,” he said.

The island-influenced stylings of Black Cards are distinctly different from Fall Out Boy’s angsty pop punk sound, but fans will feel right at home in the clever verbiage that Wentz is known for. We specifically asked about the lyric “even my problems got problems” from ‘Baby Blackout’.

“White people problems,” laughed Pete, “it’s a play on that. You’re saying that [even my problems got problems], but there’s someone who has to walk 6 kilometers to get water that they can drink. It’s a goof on that.”

We’ll let you know when we hear more about the upcoming single and tour news! Until then check out their official site and twitter.