Enter Our Fashion Week Trendspotting Contest to Win a Chanel Book, September Issue DVD, and More!

It’s that time again…New York Fashion Week officially launches Friday February 10th, followed by London Fashion Week February 18th-23rd, Milan Fashion Week February 23rd -March 1st, and Paris Fashion Week March 1st-9th. So basically we’re on the brink of one full month of new fashion from all the greatest designers on Earth, and we want to see what you think about all of the looks, trends, and WTF moments the whole way through.

You guys are basically little Anna Wintours and Kate Lanphears in the making, and we love your posts so much, we want to reward you for all your hardwork. So starting Friday and running through March 9th, we will choose the best fashion week related post of each week will win a Fashion Week prize pack worth $75. Fashion week is all about the new trends, so this will all take place in the Trendspotting group. Here are some guidelines:

1. Join the Trendspotting With group

2. Post a blog relating to Fashion Week. This can include reviews of shows, Polyvores of trends you see forming, Bests and Worsts, or a combination of all these. Really just any content that relates to that particular fashion week (New York, London, Paris, or Milan).

3. Add the blog to the Trendspotting With group.

4. Tag the blog accordingly:

New York 2/10-2/17: NYFW2011FC

London 2/18-2/23: LFW2011FC

Paris 2/23-3/1: PFW2011FC

Milan 3/1-3/9: MFW2011FC

5. You can enter as many times as you want. A winner will be chosen at the end of each Fashion Week by the editors and notified via message.

Contestants must be at least 13 years of age or older as of date of entry. .

Good luck!

PS I made this in honor of Karl Lagerfeld:

UPDATE! In case you’re wondering what you’ll win for your fashion week coverage, feast your eyes on the prize:

3 of you who have the best fashion week posts will win:

  • Chanel: Collections and Creations (Hardcover) by Daniele Bott
  • 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers (Taschen 25th Anniversary Edition)
  • The September Issue DVD
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