DIY Rock Ring

What you will need: plyers, rock bead with, gold wire, ring sizer ( you can get one HERE for $6 )

1. Break off a peice of the rock if its too large, I broke mine into 3 sections.

2. Cut about 1/2 yard of the gold wire and thread it through the rock and bring it to the middle of the wire so both sides are even.

3. Im a size 6 ring, you have to wrap it at one size larger so it fits correctly. Place the rock at one size larger ( I used a 7 ) and then start wrapping the wire in opposite directions around the rock and ring sizer. Leave about 2 inches on both ends.

4. Coil the last two inches around the sides of where the rock meets the ring.

I did mine a little different then this, but I found a video online taking you step by step incase you get confused! Check it out HERE

I love my ring, I get so many compliments on it! I want to make them in all different colors for summer.