Daily Music Dose: Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy Edgar is the name of today’s dose. He’s a fashion photographer (amazing work), directs his own videos, makes music (obvs), and DJ’s all over the place. He is the self proclaimed creator of “Sound Couture.” I don’t know what that is, exactly, but it makes me feel like a little man. His music sounds like adult sexy synth times. Well, imagine if Chromeo wasn’t so danz-tastic and had the libido of (insert something with a high libido here. Then, multiply that by like, a thousand).

His face looks like this:

His fashion photography looks like this:

Check out his ModelMayhem.

His music sounds like this:

When he directs things, it looks like this:

[PS – this makes me uncomfortable. There’s nothing bad in it or anything, I just, you know, didn’t know what I was watching. ART]

He has a ton of remixes out, all of which I am too lazy to list. His last album, XXX, was put out last year. He had another before that called Color Strip, which was released in 2006.

Check out his site here: Jimmy Edgar Online