Could ‘The Voice’ Give ‘American Idol’ A Run For Its Money?

For years, American Idol has been basically un-challenged when it came to reality television singing competitions. But with the loss of Simon Cowell’s trademark write-offs and “critique,” could it be time for another show to unseat the Idol?

Enter “The Voice.” The concept is based on a Dutch TV show that flips the Idol formula.

No, LITERALLY. The judges are seated FLIPPED AROUND so that all they have to judge on is the contestant’s voice. No physical appearance. No stage presence. Just a voice.

After the audition rounds, the judges then coach the contestants. But with judges who need to be vocal coaches, too, where do you turn? Especially since NBC’s VP of Programming said “We want The Voice to be a search by relevant artists for relevant artists. Every person who sits on our panel can do what it is that they’re judging.”

Well, two of the four judges seats have been filled. The first judges announced are Adam Levine of Maroon 5…

and Cee-Lo Green.

Okay, so, that’s already looking kind of awesome. And rumor is that Christina Aguilera might be joining the judging panel as well, so there’s DEFINITELY going to be a whole horde of vocal talent in the coaching capacity.

No matter what, we’ll probably be finding out who else is involved soon. The Voice is set to premier this April. But if you’re interested, today is the last day to. audition