Christina Aguilera’s Raunchy Photos Surface

Move over Vanessa Hudgens – there’s another starlet to take the heat away from your photo scandal: Christina Aguilera, it’s your turn!

As previously reported, Christina seems to be going through some bumps in the road (remember the drunken arrest and the lawsuit?), with close friends telling her she needs help. Looks like the road’s about to get even bumpier, now that hundreds of raunchy photos of Christina were found on a “digital storage card… in a French hotel,” RadarOnline has learned. The photos are all dated from June to November 2010.

Christina with beau Matt Rutler

The man in possession of the photos is attempting to sell them. Some of the images on the card include:

– Xtina partying at Nicole Richie’s bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

– Xtina in bed with BF Matt Rutler

– Xtina drinking and smoking a cigar with flowers in her hair

– Xtina and Matt Rutler kissing passionately

AND here are some descriptions of the EVEN MORE raunchy photos that have surfaced:

– Xtina with two naked men, presumably strippers

– Xtina “mimicking performing oral sex” on a man who holds a sex toy, AND “on a chocolate covered banana at a theme park”

– Xtina table dancing with friends

Is Christina going back to being Xtina in her “Dirrty” days?

Yikes! Sounds like some pretty juicy, albeit incriminating photos! Moral of the story: don’t leave behind your camera’s memory card laying around just anywhere – or just don’t take raunchy, explicit photos, period!

Do you think Christina can rise above all this drama, or do you think she’s on a downward spiral from here?