Buzznet Designers To Watch: Audrey Kitching of Tokyolux and Coco de Coeur

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Buzznet is basically a breeding ground for the next Karl Lagerfelds and Vivienne Westwoods of the world. We have SO many talented fashion designers doing creative and amazing things, and this week we want to highlight some of them and their work through interviews and photos. Here are our Buzznet Designers to Watch…

Audrey Kitching has long been known for her unique fashion sense, but this style icon is also a talented designer with not only one but two different clothing lines under her belt. Both Tokyolux and Coco de Coeur, while aesthetically different, really embody Audrey’s own personal style.


Buzznet: Describe your own personal style in 10 words or less.

Audrey Kitching: Hippy gothic chic meets a Dolly Parton Barbie

BN: What are some of your fashion must haves? What is something you can’t live without?

AK: A great pair of chunky heel shoes, a floppy hat, faux fur coat and an overload of jewelry. I couldn’t live without rings, hats and sunglassses.. girls don’t have time to dress up and do makeup everyday.. with great pair of shades, a killer hat and a unique collection of rings you can look like a million bucks in 5 minutes while picking up groceries and hitting up the yoga studio.

BN: Who are your favorite fashion icons?

AK: God I have so many… David Bowie, Edie Sedgwick, Vivienne Westwood, the Olsen Twins, Alexa Chung, Alice Dellal… it’s always changing, as does style.

BN: Describe your clothing line in 10 words or less.

AK: Everything I want to wear that doesn’t yet exist.

BN: Where do you find your inspiration?

AK: I’m a huge researcher… movies, old books, magazines, the internet… everywhere! My house is cluttered with magazine tears mixed with stacks of books and rotating films at all times. I’m working on collecting information about the 70s rock & roll disco scene right now… Skatetown USA and Almost Famous have been on repeat.

BN: Tell us about your all-time favorite piece you have created.

AK: I made a dress for the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary party I hosted last year. It’s my favorite because it defines me so perfectly. I only had two days to get an outfit so I ended up sewing all my old jewelry, pins and sequins onto an old dress and completely covered it! Everyone went wild over it.

BN: What are your plans for the future? Upcoming projects? Collaborations?

AK: I’m currently working on a Coco De Coeur collaboration with a few custom high-end pieces! It will be available in a few weeks. Also working on a release party for Tokyolux and filling all our store orders! My future plans are to keep doing what I am now… just on a larger scale! It’s growing faster then we can keep up with it seems, i guess that’s a good problem to have!

BN: Where can we find (and buy!) your work?

AK: Coco De Coeur Lazy Bones Vintage Tokyolux

TOKYOLUX LINKS!/realaudreykitch