Britney Spears Made a ‘Jackass’ On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Making the talk show rounds to promote her highly anticipated seventh studio album Femme Fatale, Britney Spears stopped by for a performance, a chat and a few laughs on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Turns out Britney is quite the comedienne.

In the first bit, Britney is visited by talk show host Jimmy in her dressing room. After some casual hellos, Britney asked him, “Oh, did you get it?”

Jimmy replied, “I did get it.”

Britney excitedly responded, “Oh my gosh, let me see. Really? Great! Oh, you got it.”

Jimmy then pulled up his pants legs to reveal that he had gotten the words “Britney Spears” inked on his calves. Britney, shocked by his dedication to their oath to get matching tattoos, said, “Oh my god!” and showed off her own: in tiny letters on her wrist were the words “Jimmy Kimmel.”

“It’s in pen,” he said, disappointed by the fact that hers was not permanent.

“It’s ink,” she responded. “Shhh. You’re getting on my nerves,” she added as she escorted him out.

It gets better!

Later on in the show, Johnny Knoxville revealed that Britney had originally been in Jackass 3D, and that now the footage was finally being shown. In a pre-taped bit, Britney arrived on the set, telling Johnny and his crew, “I’m ready! I’m not scared of poo-poo. Let’s do it!”

She looked into the camera, before stepping into the Porta-Potty, saying, “Hi, I’m Britney Spears and this is the poo cocktail supreme.”

Then a blonde got swished around in the Porta-Potty, dirty water splashing everywhere. (She screams the entire time, with her mouth OPEN during the whole ordeal – GROSS!) After the stunt, the blonde – whose face you couldn’t see – got out and began chasing the guys around.

Watch Britney’s Jackass stunt here:

After taping her stunt, Britney took to Twitter to send a special message to Johnny.

“Just did my first @jackassworld stunt with Knoxville and company. Knoxville better watch his back.”

What did you think of Britney’s Jackass stunt? Do you think that was really her in the Porta-Potty or was it fake?