Britney Spears On Good Morning America; Announces Tour with Enrique Iglesias and Tries to Dance

Britney Spears (29) treated the city of San Francisco to a brief 3-song performance on Sunday from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to celebrate the release of her new album, “Femme Fatale,” which drops today. The show was broadcast on Good Morning America this morning for all world to see…and sadly, it was pretty hard to watch.

While Britney’s legs looked toned and great, but the most obvious and revealing thing about her show is that the princess of pop CAN’T dance anymore — or she doesn’t care enough to. It’s actually quite sad to watch — she would shake a little here, shake a little there, throw in a feeble excuse for a kick and a hand movement or neck roll, but for the most part her dance moves looked amateur and very uncomfortable. I would assume her lack of coordination and moves these days was the primary reason that Miss Brit sat for the majority of her perfomance (on a chair that spun and shook to give the illusion of Britney being electrocuted, and on speakers on which she gave a little tush shake or hump when necessary).

The 7,000 fans who were lucky enough to score tickets to the show (it sold out in 14 minutes) didn’t seem to mind too much and went crazy for her as she “performed” (lip-synched) “Hold It Against Me, “Big Fat Bass” and “Til the World Ends.” They should care however — Britney was a hot mess and it seems she doesn’t care much because she knows her fans will buy her album, attend her shows and support her no matter what.

She announced during the show that she’ll be going out on tour beginning in June with Enrique Iglesias. Hopefully he can infuse a little latin passion into her because right now she’s cold as ice on stage, and Madonna (53) and Fergie (36) would demolish her in a dance-off.

Do you think Britney was just nervous and will get better? Will you buy her album? Will you go see her on tour?