Amanda Seyfried And Ryan Phillippe Officially An Item?

Seems like Amanda Seyfried has it all these days: her new movie Red Riding Hood comes out this week, she’s had her fair share of oh-so-hard work kissing hunky co-stars like Channing Tatum and Justin Timberlake, and word on the street is that she’s dating Ryan Phillippe.

In the April issue of ELLE magazine, Amanda admits to having a relationship with Ryan (er, sorta!) and opens up about her romantic past with her Mamma Mia! co-star Dominic Cooper and a fling with True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.

“Um, yeah. I’ve been ‘seen’ with him,” Amanda said, regarding her rumored relationship with Ryan. The two have been seen together all around L.A. since meeting at Kate Hudson‘s Halloween party last fall.

Amanda and Ryan coming from Kate Hudson’s Halloween party

Ryan visiting Amanda at work on the set of a movie (hence the red wig)

Amanda and Ryan out and about

Ryan and Amanda at Fred Segal (Do shopping buddies hold hands?)

About her romance with Dominic, she says, “[It is] one of the easiest things in the world. You’re both open. You’re put in a situation where you have to make out with each other. It’s easy for things to get carried away.”

The two met while filming Mamma Mia!, playing onscreen lovers – until they weren’t just playing a part anymore. Amanda thought Dominic had ended his relationship with his long-term girlfriend before they began their romance.

“I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of them were done and Dom and I were involved. But we weren’t really as involved as I thought. So I got my heart broken pretty hard,” she added.

About Alexander: “We dated. He’s super funny, but I was too involved with Dom.”

While her offscreen romances aren’t always ending in happily ever after, there’s one thing she can look forward to, no strings attached: kissing her gorgeous co-stars!

“I can’t lie. It didn’t suck making out with Channing [Tatum] and Justin [Timberlake],” she says.


Do you think Amanda and Ryan make a cute couple? Do you think their relationship will last?