Album Equation: Salem

While it’s been called everything from “Witch House” to “Drag” to “Haunted House” (easily one of the stupidest names for a genre ever, by the way), Salem‘s music remains defiantly undefinable. After a few critically acclaimed EPs, the band released their first full length King Night late last year, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you really should. Their unique blend of macabre and pretty, indecipherable vocals and shoe-gaze and chopped-and-screwed rap is truly something to behold. But rather than bore you with a lot of music nerd-y words, here’s what it sounds like in a neat and easy pictoral equation:






(as demonstrated by Friedrich Nietzsche)

Salem is currently on tour and will be playing Coachella. You can purchase King Night on ITUNES and you can listen to some tracks on the band’s MYSPACE.