10-Year-Old Girl Covers Adele… And NAILS It!

YouTube features a plethora of aspiring singers and performers (i.e. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black). The latest to emerge from the technological land of YouTube is a 10-year-old by the name of Connie Talbot.

Connie, who was featured on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007, has a video up of herself singing (and completely NAILING!) the love-stricken Adele ballad “Someone Like You.” She may be a mere 10 years old, but with her big voice and effortless demeanor, Connie totally impresses!

Check out Connie’s version of Adele’s “Someone Like You”:

And just for fun, here’s Adele’s version:

Do you think Connie and Adele should do a duet together? What song do you think Connie should sing next?