will.i.am Leaks Britney Spears ‘Big Fat Bass’ Collaboration

will.i.am has posted a 30-second teaser of a track he worked on with Britney Spears, entitled “Big Fat Bass.” The Black Eyed Pea joins a handful of producers who have leaked their work with Britney; this is the fourth leaked track from her upcoming album Femme Fatale. Last week, the pop princess previewed three other tracks from the album’s co-executive producer, Dr. Luke: “Inside Out,”“I Wanna Go,” and “How I Roll.”

will posted a blog post about the snippet, saying:

the big fat bass

this is a taste

this is the intro

the bass is an important element to club dance music

this song celebrates bass

thank you britney for collaborating it was a pleasure working with you

thank you for trusting my instincs

you’re a doll

i look forward on working with you again…

its an honor because you rarely do collaboration…


im your second…

im glad you like the big fat bass…

i did this little art my self on my mac…

i made it on the plane from japan to l.a…

i hope your britney army likes it as much as we do

“I can be the treble baby you can be the bass.”

will also posted updates on his Twitter yesterday about his love for the direction that the album’s producers – Dr. Luke and Max Martin – are taking.

He tweeted, “Im editing the snippet. there are so many parts in this song. I have so many favorite parts. It’s difficult to pick which part to show 1st,” he wrote, going on to discuss all the things he loves about the tune while showing a series of screen images of the audio file. “There are soo many hot parts … the second verse??? I love this section…the beat is nuts here and britney kills it … or the 2nd hook? Because [on] the second half of the first hook the bass build up is crazy … or the breakdown??? At this point a brand new beat is revealed. (The sickest beat) … [that] section is my favorite…my favorite new beat…I’m excited to dj this section…

Will concluded his tweets, saying, “Ok…I’m going to reveal the intro…I will give u a taste of the bass,” and included a link to the 30-second snippet.

Femme Fatale hits U.S. stores on March 29th. It was just announced last week that Britney will be celebrating the release with a special performance on Good Morning America.

What do you think about will.i.am and Britney collaborating? Based on the snippet, do you like the song?