On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – My Valentine’s Day Wish List

From: TumbLIARS

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I decided to make a list of some cool stuff that’s either pink or red or OMG THAT’S DISGUSTING BECAUSE YOU’RE IN LOVE. What better way to start the blog than with a Mean Girls quote and a Lindsay on Botox photo? There pretty much isn’t any other way of getting things started.

We all know Valentine’s Day is some fraud of a holiday started by Hallmark way back in the depression or something so that people could think of something else other than the Dust Bowl or chiggers. Apparently, it’s here to stay and I’m ok with that, as long as you buy me presents that equal your love of me in a tangible dollar amount.

1. Dodo Case – Valentine’s Day Edition

Dodo Case is a company in San Francisco that uses traditional book binding techniques to create this cool little shell for your iPad to live in. It looks like a damn book. They have made a Valentine’s Day Edition case that is all cute. It’s red and has a little gold heart on the binder portion. I’m getting a regular one because I mostly just want to hide a flask in it when I go to clubs and such. Paying for drinks is expensive.

2. Beating Heart From ThinkGeek

I’m sorry but this little heart jiggles. It’s also all anatomically correct and what not. I can’t really tell you the parts on their because it’s been a long time since I was in anatomy class. I only remember the “apex” and that the nodes actually produce electricity. Oh and tricuspid valves are weird looking/bad ass.

3. The Black Heart – iHeartGuts

Look at it. Look at it being all cute and stuff. It’s crying blood. OMG IT’S AWESOME.

4. DogFish Head 90 Minute IPA

What kind of man would I be if I didn’t want beer on Valentine’s Day? Probably not a very good one. Look at this IPA being all cute in it’s festively coloured bottle.

5. Snuggie For Two

The only way that you could get me into a Snuggie For Two (let alone one) would be if you gave me a lot of Number 4. That isn’t true. Amanda sent me a snuggie and it’s kind of my favorite thing evs. Moo and I watch TV in it sometimes. Then I get upset because her dumb hair is all over it.

What kind of things do you think say ILU on Valentine’s Day? Feel free to post images in the comments!