Wednesday Welcome Wagon: What They’re Inspired By

People come to Buzznet for many reasons. I think that we can all agree that we are all here to share. Wheather you are sharing your photos, your feelings or your love of music, we hope that Buzznet is the place where you feel most comfortable. That being said, this next batch of newcomers to Buzznet want to share with you the things that inspire them.

Check out MarieWho’s blogs to see the things that make her world more beautiful.

Designer IAmReal wants you to inspire him.

Read some of StoneLighted’s blogs to see what inspires her.

Julie20 inspires me to take better photos.

Bayside inspires me to make music, be a bad ass, and SNGAF. Go give em a listen!

There you have it, y’all! Go say “Hello” to this inspiring new batch of Buzznet-ers!