Valentine’s Day Playlist: Old Skewl

These are some older songs that I’ve recently discovered from over the last decade. If you can’t find the goodness in these, then you probably shouldn’t have clicked on a post about Valentine’s Day.

Here’s another VDay playlist I made from newer tunes.

1. This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies

The Zombies were basically the Beatles that never blew up. Yr parents will probably know them from their song “Time of the Season”.

2. God Only Know by Bullion (originally by the Beach Boys)

I’m cheating a bit with this song because it’s a new remix of the classic song. Bullion is a UK artist that took J Dilla’s (RIP) beats and put them to songs from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album. The original is probably the greatest love song ever written.

3. Saw the Light by Todd Rundgren

Todd is the man. He started as a member of Philly’s rock band, Nazz, in the 60’s and continued to make snazzy ditties like this one in the 70’s. He also produced everyone from XTC to Bad Religion. Oh, and Liv Tyler thought he was her dad for awhile.

4. Open Your Eyes – Bobby Caldwell

My man Bobby C has a voice like non-other and can crank out ridic edgy guitar lines like whoa. Common and other hip-hop artists raid his shit for samples like whoa dey. His label wouldn’t let him be on the cover of his debut album because they thought when people saw he was white, he’d lose cred. He appeared as a silhouette instead.

5. Peg by Steely Dan

This song puts a smile on my face everytime. It is off of Steely Dan’s masterpiece album Aja. Last year they toured and played the album straight thru. I think Kron cried at one point because it was so amazingly breathtaking. Bonus: Chevy Chase was the OG drummer for Steely Dan.

6. Night & Day – Al B Sure

This one is a little sleazy. Al B Sure is basically only known for this song. And having an epic unibrow.

7. Morena Boca De Ouro – Joao Gilberto

Joao basically owned Brasil back in the day day. Along with Tom Jobim, Stan Getz, and his wife Astrud, he created one of the most popular and reconizable jazz albums of all time, Getz/Gilberto. He also has a bazillion other songs that are amazing, like this one here (use google translate to see lyrics):

8. Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears

Curt Smith and Roland O killed it in the 80s. Roland sang on most songs but Curt got much of the limelight since he sang on the more popular singles. While Roland was obviously the technical talent and sonic mastermind, every TFF fan knows they both are geniuses and super chill bros. You’d have to be to make this video. You might also recognize the song from Donnie Darko where Jakey G hops out the bus and Sparkle Motion dances in slo mo.

9. Not On The Outside – The Moments

I prefer the version by Panache but I can’t find it on the youtubes. It includes some killer vibraphonage to max. I guess it’s a good message about looking on the inside of people instead of being all material and stuff.

10. Gotta Find A Way – Bob & Gene

This track was recorded back in the 60’s by a father, his son, and his son’s friend. It recently found success with a re-release. That interesting story can be found here.