Updates: Photo Gallery Improvements on Buzznet!

If you haven’t noticed already, the gallery experience on Buzznet has been going through some changes. First, galleries became consolidated. This meant that whenever you posted to a gallery, all the posts showed up in your activity feed under the gallery title with a handy number that said how many posts you posted. I hope that wasn’t as confusing as I just made it sound.

Second, galleries could be made private. That means that you could post your “speshul photos” on Buzznet and no one would be able to see what you’re up to.

Next up, we have the following:

This little page here is what you see when you click on a gallery. Below this, you can see all the comments for the entire gallery. If you want to view the photo where a certain comment is, all you have to do it click the link next to the part that says, “from the photo.”

If you want to enter the gallery, you have to click on the images in the preview or click on the link at the top that says “View The Gallery.” To go to a list view, click the “See All” option. That’s pretty much the thumbnail view for the gallery.

We also just released a gallery update which allows you to click through galleries with much greater ease.

You used to have to wait for the ENTIRE page to refresh to go to the next photo. This doesn’t happen any more. What happens now is that once you click the button to go to the next photo, only the photo and surrounding stuff are refreshed. Yes, IT’S PRETTY AWESOME.

Another neat thing that has happened is that you can now “buzz” stuff you like without signing in to Buzznet. Even if you are logged out, you can still Buzz things!

We are also thinking about giving you the option to buzz the things you love more than once. What do you all think about that? Let us know your opinions!

Tell us how you are liking the galleries so far and how you feel about being able to Buzz things more than once.

Stay tuned for more updates!