The Unplanned Future of Planned Parenthood

Between the ages of five and seven I lived in two homeless shelters with my mother and sister. I can still smell the stale donut breakfasts and feel the humid Florida nights when ceiling fans alone could not slow the sting of the heat. I recall choosing a Christmas present from a local charity donation fund. If I learned anything in that period of my life it was the difference between the rich, the poor, and the middle class.

Now at 27, I watch as our country makes another turn for the worse – day after day. It began with simple inflation, declined with the Gulf War, completely bombed with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and demolished middle class with the worst economy and housing market crash since World War II.

As someone who is definitely not rich I am considerably worried about the state of our dear Union. I know plenty of people who have been directly affected by poor health care, the scarcity of jobs, etc. I am sure that you do too. The last thing I want to see happen to this country is the day it turns it’s back on those in need. For the women and children in poverty. The mothers and daughters who are now calling a homeless shelter home. I fear that the unspeakable moment has come.

The U.S. House of Representatives has just decided to strip all government funding for Planned Parenthood. What does this mean? Everything from Medicaid to Free Medical Clinics, along with everyone who depends upon government funded care, are about to feel the burn. Need help with getting birth control, HIV/AIDS testing, a cancer screening, a sick child, or just basic care? Too bad, so sad says our government.

Across this nation right now there are an estimated three million women, men, and teens using Planned Parenthood for contraception and reproductive health. Does the government really expect it’s people to catch STDs and have soccer teams of children now that there is no provisioning of birth control pills or condoms for those who cannot afford it? Or is it that they are trying to strictly enforce a “no money no sex” policy on the poor? Either way, this cut off of funding for Planned Parenthood is a devistatingly horrible idea.

My heart truly goes out to any woman who does not have options and from the looks of things we are indeed being backed into a corner.

Join me in the Stand With Planned Parenthood!

Check out this website for more information and send a letter to Congress stating that this is not okay and that you will not stand for it!

What are your thoughts on the derailing of Planned Parenthood?