Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – Signing Session & Interviews + UPDATE (PICS, VIDEO FROM SIGNING)

For now this is the only pic I found about Bill in an interview, I don’t know what he has in the hair but he’s simply amazing!!! Stop haters for say he’s gay or other bad things, everyone of you are only jealous or envy!!!

– Today there’s been the signing session at Shibuya for “Darkside of the sun” album and a lot of interviews and promotion

– Tokio Hotel appearing in streaming on Nico Naco show at 7:30 pm of February 11th

– For Univer Japan, this morning Tom drank a fresh orange juice

– The band has been interviewed by Takuya Kawai for USTREAM

– Tomorrow Tokio Hotel will record a new message for the fans. Stay tuned!


Info about new Bill’s hairstyle: probably the name is “Steampunk” made with light bulbs on the mohawk and have had success!

Tokio Hotel having an interview right now, maybe finished from a few of minutes



Messages from Signing Session:

“Tom was supersexy as always”

“Georg cut his hair a little bit”



Bill meeting Japanese football player in German team Shinzi Kagawa?

And finally something more about signing session:



Remind Tokio Hotel @ Nico Nico show tomorrow! You can see them in livestream HERE at 11:30am (Italy) for American people at (around 5:30am East Coast, 3:30am West Coast)


A really short video about signing session

– At the signing session there were 500 fans

– Tom in the last tshirt (blue and white) he wore in the photoshooting there’s a print with the written: “Zeige dir mein pflaume” that means “Let me see your pussy”






Source: schreiimzimmer483, Tokio Hotel Official Italian Forum