Terry Richardson Photos a Naked Skateboard-Clutching Lady Gaga

You know, I love that Lady Gaga exists, if only because it gives me opportunities to type titles like that for blogs. And I don’t even have to exaggerate them.


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ANYWAY: Lady Gaga recently did a shoot with Terry Richardson for Purple magazine. And while there’s been a lot of jokes about the singer leaving the house without pants, this shoot may have taken that to an extreme.

Warning: the footage in this video is…well…there’s a wet t-shirt and while you don’t see anything below the waist, there’s not much covering her. So if this is the sort of thing that offends you, you’d probably be best off not watching, clicking the back button and going elsewhere.

ALSO: no, there is no audio to this video. You can choose your own soundtrack, suggestions will be taken in the comments for the best song to play while watching this:

So…honestly, I’m used to weird/strange shoots from Lady Gaga, so the naked is almost disappointing. I actually love the shots with the skateboard and those wild shoes, and the spiky thing she’s wearing at the end intrigues me. But just naked? That doesn’t really strike mas a “Gaga” thing.

Then again, what do I know about what is or isn’t a Gaga thing? I’m not Lady Gaga.