How to Survive: Tea with Lady Gaga

Tip #1 – First and foremost bring your own tea cup, particularly one that screams individuality. Afterall, Lady Gaga always brings her own.
Tip #2 – Do not call her Stefani or Lady Gaga. Simply refer to her as Gaga, Gags, or Goddess Divine. Unless you would like a Brooklyn beat down.
Tip #3 – DIY something fabulous to wear out of duct tape, garbage bags, and freshly made cupcakes. Trust me, it will be appreciated.

Tip #4 – We all know Gaga adores her hats. Fashion yourself one by strapping an upside down martini glass to your noggin.

Tip #5 – Let it be known that you truly appreciate embryonic symbolism.

Tip #6 – Should Gaga need to get up from the table and walk somewhere, be fully prepared to lend walking support if there are no bodyguards readily availible.

Tip #7 – Do not tell Gaga that her new single ‘Born This Way’ reminds you of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’. Tell her it reminds you of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.

Oh and P.S.,

If at all possible, pay with Gaga cash.