(By the way, yes I will use an image of a distressed cartoon woman as this blog’s thumbnail. Ha ha ha.)

My god! I mean really. I can’t recall ever being this tired due to the amount of schoolwork I’ve had to do over the past couple of weeks.

I had a massive History ‘controlled assessment’ on Wednesday, which completely took it out of me. Who knew one could write so much on how the IRA presented trouble to the police in such detail? I didn’t, but my god I found out. It feels like I’ve done about a month of solid school, non-stop. Even in the evenings! Surely evenings are for relaxing, aren’t they?! Not to mention the amount of research and bloody writing up we’ve had to do.

Oh, and I’ve got heaps and heaps to do on my one WEEK OFF between now and finishing school for my exams. The time off we get then will be filled with yet more school work, I was going to take this holiday to kick back and relax! But ooooh no, heaven forbid we should kick back and relax. Damn school. English gave me 2 essays to do, I have 2 bits of maths homework and a big Geography project that has to be done! IN A WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. WHAT.

What do you think it is? It’s not like we’ve not got enough on our plate, what with about 20 exams to prepare for in the Spring/Summer and COLLEGE. OH COLLEGE. So many shenanigens about college. I’m gonna hate the place by the time I get there, I know I will. To be honest, I think I’ll know more about college in school than I will when I’m actually there.

So, this girl is now minus FOUR teeth and ripping her hair out due to school work. Thankfully, Gerard Way has been doing a Kerrang! radio show for the past week, so my evenings have been fairly relaxed. SAVED BY THE WAY. (ok, that was kind of bad. you must all giggle at my bad humor!)

Have any of you ever experienced MASS STRESS due to work or school? Share your stories and how you survived them! I’m beginning to feel I’ll return to school after this holiday bald.