Meet Stinky he’s my new little pet Stink Bug that came to visit me the other day. I was sitting watching TV and went to take one of my vitamins and there was Stinky sitting right next to my pill on the table !!! He’s so cute and a wonderful thing to see since it’s nothing but snow and cold outside. He’s properly known as a Spined Soldier Bug and they are voracious insect eaters. Of course he was just tucked into my house somewhere and woke up and decided to visit me. I could actually go and buy him some crickets to eat but I think he will just hang out and cruise around my house until I can put him outside.

The really funny thing is I opened a fortune cookie after I found him and it said “Someone will visit you soon” now can he read my palm ? : D

View in full size original and do be nice to me my hands are very dried out from the cold, he really liked them since he didn’t want to get off : D