Seeking Dreams……Chapter Eighty-Six

Meanwhile, Gabrielle’s cell phone suddenly rings.

“Hey it’s Jared” she says to Emily now picking up.

“Hey honey, what’s up?” she then says picking up.

“Hey um, are you guys done?” Jared says.

“Yeah been done. It was….ok”

“Sure, sounds like you had a lot of fun. Listen, are you on your way home now?”

“No, we’re actually about to eat. Remember that little café just outside of town we found a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah, your there now?”


“Ok well, how long are you going to be?”

“We just ordered our food now, what is it Jared?”

“Not…nothing. Me and Shan are going to meet you guys there in twenty minutes ok?”

“Jared. What’s going on”

“Nothing. Look, we’ll talk when we get there. See you in a bit”

And then Jared hangs up.

“Huh” Gabrielle then says now looking at her phone.

“What’s up?” Emily asks.

“Just got the weirdest call from Jared. He and Shannon are coming up. Be here in a few minutes”

“Anything wrong?”

“Donno, we’ll find out though. Actually, he did sound a little freaked out now I think of it”

“Hum, something’s up”

Gabrielle just nods her head and then looks out the window, waiting.