Roxy Spring 2011 Video Reminds Us That, Hey, Eventually The Snow MIGHT GO AWAY

If you’re trapped in one of those places where the snow will not stop and/or the cold will stop being SO DAMN COLD, you are probably desperate for spring to show up as soon as possible.

And if you are in one of those places where it hasn’t been snowing and has, in fact, been nice and warm for the past month or so, you can kiss my freezing cold Pennsylvania ass.

BUT FOR ALL OF US, there is the Roxy Spring 2011 video which features sand and waves and trees and surfers. So for those of you stranded in the cold and snow, you can watch this on repeat and paw at your computer screen while making whining noises because WHY CAN’T YOU BE AT THE BEACH RIGHT NOW?

I mean. If you want. I certainly didn’t do that.


That would be so very undignified.

…dammit, stop looking at me like that, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO, OKAY?

The music, by the way, is a song called “50s” by the group Pomegranate. Which puts me in the mood to be at the beach sipping a pomegranate-flavored drink of some sort.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to doing something that is totally not making sad faces at my screen and then looking outside at the snow still on the ground.