Reporter Serene Branson Goes Speechless After Grammys

How do you follow something as big as the Grammys – especially when you’re the local news? Answer: You go above and beyond and completely flub your Grammy intro!

That’s what Serene Branson did. The CBS News Los Angeles reporter was delivering her lines for her Grammy introduction about to highlight last night’s awards show when things started to go wrong. Her speech started to slur almost immediately and quickly became incomprehensible. She struggled to speak for a few seconds before the station cut to pre-recorded Grammy coverage.

There’s a lot of speculation on what happened with Serene. Some sources say she might have had a stroke on live-air and was hospitalized following the incident. CBS News has yet to comment.

What do you think? Do you think she actually had a stroke or was it just a case of a tied tongue – or that she was just speechless after that Arcade Fire performance (like most of us were!)?