Question of the Day: What Songs Do You Listen To When You’re Angry?

Today’s Q comes from the brain of KobraKidd: Angry Music. Why I haven’t thought of this yet escapes me.

Photo by: MaryAMacabre

It’s very hard for me to get angry. I am not an angry person, at all. I think when I do get angry, I use swear words. Which is weird. I might type them out but saying them is something I don’t do much. My friends laugh at me when I get mad because they think I am joking and then they get scared because they know that when I am upset, I’M REALLY F*ING UPSET, so something must be crazy wrong.

Mostly, my iPod is full of happy music and fluffy clouds and stuff. The only thing that I have that is remotely angry is Dillinger Escape Plan. I also have some Have Heart, Ruiner, 108, Polar Bear Club, and Darkest Hour. I also have some Nine Inch Nails but that’s a different kind of angry. That’s the “I’m going to sit in my room in the dark and pretend I’m a machine and I’m broken and can’t be fixed” kind of angry.

Plz enjoy some Sunshine & The Werewolf:

Anypoop, what songs do you listen to when you are angry?