Question of the Day: Should Pop Stars Share Their Political Ideologies?

Pop stars are real people. “Real” in the sense that they are actual people (unless you count Charmander. Charmander isn’t real, right?) with real people feelings and so on and so forth. Sometimes, though, they say things that make you do this:

Pop stars have a lot of pull. Well, that is, if you give them any credence. Honestly, for me, if you are going to say something remotely politcal, you had better have your face in a damn book instead of a mirror. Your shoes had better have some time marching as well as doing some dance moves.

(I know. I’m probably being ableist in that I think it’s safe for pop stars to come off their clouds and protest with the rest of us mortals. Should I also be called out because I’ve just assumed that all pop stars have some form of educational privilege?)

I listen to a lot of music with political overtones but rather than believe whatever anyone with a mic in hand says, I GO AND RESEARCH WHAT THEY ARE SCREAMING ABOUT. You know, I like to form my own opinions and such.

Anymeows, the Beebs, in his infinite wisdom, has said some pretty horrible things about what he thinks abortion is. You can read the hulabaloo here:

We’ve Got You Covered On Buzznet

Look. I am all for people speaking their minds. That’s awesome that you have an opinion. The thing is, if you don’t really know what you’re talking about, maybe you should say (during the course of your interview), “You know what? I’m not going to talk about that.”

What happens is that you end up saying things like this:

Justin Bieber on political parties –

“I’m not sure about the parties, but whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

The bottom of those Nike Dunks must taste mighty bubble gummy.

People sometimes say the wrong things. The thing is, you can admit that. It’s ok to say the wrong thing if you were unaware of the full scope of the problematic language that you used and attempt to correct that behaviour/situation. That’s part of being human.

What do you all think? Should pop stars and acting people share their political ideologies? Have you heard any of your fave stars say things that make you do this:


Feel free to share your thoughts. Let’s keep it clean and what not.