Question of the Day: Who Are Your Parents?

The parentals. Your peeps. Mom and Dad. Givers of food and stuff. Who are your people? Tell us about your mum and pappy. What you likes about them and stuff. Want to rant about them? GO FOR IT. I will hide this QOTD from them.

I don’t have any parent pics, so here’s some bad ass dogs being all bad ass:

Photo by: Annier

My Mom just got out of surgery because I think her appendix popped last night and spilled gross into her abdominal cavity last night. She was in uber pain but she texted me to let me know what was going on. Bless her soul. I love my mom. She’s pretty rad.

She left my sisters and I a long time ago and didn’t talk to us for YEARS but then, right before I left into the world to make my fortune, she started to talk to us. I was very touch and go with her at first. I’ve kind of been like with her for a while. For the last few years though, we’ve been pretty close.

My Dad is a strange character. I won’t spill his beans but he and I don’t really talk a whole lot any more. I get along with him but he’s done some pretty F’d up stuff and I’m just kind of at a loss with him. He and I used to be pretty close but then he turned all kinds of horrible and I can’t really get into it.

Now that my sad story is over, it’s your turn. If you are a parent, go ahead and talk about your kids if you want. Or your parents. It’s party time. GO!