Question of the Day: What Do You Love?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I hope I am not the only one LSTM (“Laughing Silently To Myself” – Demitri Martin) at the fact that the abbreviation for this day is “VD.” Anypoop, I think that means that come Monday, we are all supposed to be professing our love for various people or whatever but you know what? Not today. Today, I want to find out what you love about you and junk.

Please answer my little questionaire in the comments and enjoy this photo by NewAgeAmazon (and go vote for her photo to win stuff in some contest)

Photo By: smAshly

Name 5 songs that you love.Name 4 foods that you love.Name 3 people that you love.Name 2 animals that you love.Name 1 thing that you love about yourself.