Question of the Day: When Do You Know You’re An Adult?

If you all didn’t notice, we are all growing up. Everyday, we are all turning into unicorns that slide down the rainbow of adulthood in the land of morgages and car loans. It happens.

Photo by: Noelle

I know a lot of you are still in High School or just now out of it. What’s the most “adult” thing you’ve ever done?

For those of you that are in college or at uni, do you think you are adults yet?

For those of us that are no longer spring chickens, when do you think you became an adult? What makes you an adult?

This weekend, I got a Terabyte external harddrive. I dunno why, but backing up my computer totally makes me feel like an adult. I also had to do all this crap that I didn’t want to do but you know what? I did it anyway because I’m an adult. I think for me, that’s how I know I’m being all responsible and junk. I do things I don’t want to do because I have to do them and you know, take care of my things. UGH. I’M OLD & I HATE EVERYTHING.

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