Question of the Day: What Do You Feel You Missed Out On?

You weren’t born in the 60’s but you wear tie dye shirts with dancing bears that look better when you’re on acid.

You weren’t born in the 70’s but maybe bell bottoms still ring your bell.

You weren’t born in the 80’s but you have more hairspray in your hair than all of POISON combined.

Sometimes we miss out on things. Sometimes you don’t get to go to Disneyland because you went with your real Mom instead to her brothers house because she got you a fish that jumped out of its bowl and died on the kitchen floor. Maybe that was just me.

Maybe your parents weren’t fully formed adults when they had you and you had to be the resposnsible one to take care of your little brother and sister. Maybe.

Do you think you missed out on anything because of that weird thing called “LYPHE?” What made you miss out on these things? Do you regret missing out or are you ok with where you are now? SPILL THE BEANS. TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Here’s a picture of Lory, not missing out on being totally adorbz: