Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Style Of Clothing?

I wear the same clothes every day. Well, not the same clothes but all of my stuff looks the same. I wear dumb t shirts that have been mutilated in some way or another and jean shorts that go above my knees. Oh and I love me some slip on Vans because laces are stupid. I dress pretty comfy. Yasi likes to make fun of me. That’s ok, though. She usually looks like a mannequin from the Supply Surplus store.

If I had to actually dress all nice and crap, I totally would. Thank goodness I don’t. I wouldn’t wear regular clothes. I like looking like I sold papers in the 30’s.

I finally pierced my nose again, so I am happy. I did it a few weeks ago.

Do you dress the way you want to or do you have a clothing style that you have yet to attain? Show us photos and stuff because we like looking at things so we can judge you.

Anyway, what’s your fave style of clothing?