The power of the dance

Yesterday I went at theatre with my dad for to see COMPLEXIONS Contemporary Ballet, one of the best contemporary company in the world. Founded in 1994 by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden, two awesome dancers who worked with a lot of people as Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz…

I’m so happy my city had the honour to guest this amazing company, because they went here only in summer 2007 for a show at Miramare’s castle (a wonderful location). Politeama Rossetti, Trieste’s theatre is one of the most important theatre in Italy because can guest a lot of different genre and has a great stage, in those last years there’s been: MAMMA MIA!, CATS, MOMIX, THRILLER LIVE only for quote a few of them and this year, among the shows: ROCK THE BALLET, COMPLEXIONS, AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE II, WE WILL ROCK YOU, CHESS, FLASHDANCE…

So everyone of you knows how much I love dance, and in those years I’ve seen a lot of dance shows and everytime I proved a lot of emotions, I cried and I clapped a lot until feel hurt at the hands… other hip hop, my life forever, I’ve alwats loved contemporary dance and Complexions has been amazing in this 2 hours show, with 3 of their coreography presented in those years.

The first part was called MERCY (2009) on spirituals, chants, rhythms and gospel music and on tolerance, grace and race themes.

The second part, where Desmond Richardson appeared and danced one stage, was called HISSY FITS (2006), a Bach’s suite for 11 dancers.

The last one, RISE (2008), was based on U2’s most famous songs.

It’s been an awesome show, I’m really proud to have seen them!!! There was an only Italian dance, Francesca Dario, she took part at AMICI talent show in 2003/2004, and she’s from Venice. Have always loved her!

And during the last tour in New Zeland, there was another dancer took part at AMICI on 2009/2010, Stefano De Martino (the first from the left), now professionist dancer in the talent

Interview with Desmond Richardson:

A promo of Complexions work:

Anyone else loves dance and have seen some dance show?!?