How Our Love Was Born

I’ve written this poetry almost 2 years ago and talks about my first meet with my angel, in July 2007, it’s a day I’ll never forget, I take it so jealousy in my heart. I have that day so impressed in my mind and sometimes I think about it again, it seems only yesterday but are almost 4 years and I have no regrets, if I’ve done something, I did it only for him and I’ll continue to do it!

I remember the first time

I saw you

Your eyes – so sweet

Your lips – so fleshy

Your hands – so delicate

Your voice – so deep

A perfect angel on earth

In those moments

There were only two souls

Yours & mine

And have joined in an only one

I’ve felt an incredible emotion

My heart started to beat strong

And I didn’t understand nothing

I knew only one thing:

I was falling in love with you

A person so special

Twisted my life

And has changed it in better

From that day

I can’t stop to think of you

Now my days aren’t more empty and sad

But full of your love

It’s the story of how our love was born, baby

And these words are for you