Oscar Hosts Get ‘Inceptioned,’ A Winner Drops The F-Bomb, Movies Get Auto-Tuned and More: 2011 Oscar Show Highlights

The 2011 Oscar awards are over and done. (Boo!) This year’s telecast brought about a new era with younger hosts (A-Listers Anne Hathaway and James Franco) and chock-full of pop culture references (hello auto-tune remix montage!). From the opening montage of our beloved hosts getting “Inceptionalized” to F-bomb dropping acceptance speeches to the musical performances (Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore sizzled while Gwyneth Paltrow fizzled), this year’s Oscar ceremony was full of memorable moments in its three-hour-long duration.

Here are the highlights from this year’s Oscar Awards:

Opening Montage: Oscar Hosts Get Inceptionalized

BRILLIANT. Nice writing Bruce Vilanch! (He writes the Oscars… and everything else on TV). Aaaaand Anne Hathaway‘s brown turkey swan dance with James Franco‘s white leotard is nothing short of HILARIOUS.

Melissa Leo’s F-Bomb Slip

It’s ok Melissa, winning an Oscar warrants an F-bomb slip. Seriously. You won an f-ing Oscar!

Anne Hathaway’s Janelle Monae Tuxedo Look With James Franco’s Marilyn Monroe Look

Anne, watch your back! Must.Have.Shoes. And hellllooooo James Franco‘s arms!

Christian Bale’s Dick Ecklund Shout-Out

Christian Bale joked that he’s “not going to drop the F bomb” like Melissa Leo (as he’s done in the past). Instead Christian gave a shout out to the guy he played, Dicky Ecklund, and even plugged Dicky’s website and personal training service. Word is that Dicky’s website crashed right after Bale’s speech. Whoops!

Oscar Auto-Tune Remix

Oh, a sign of the times: the beauty of auto-tune. Too much hilarity in less than a minute. Which one’s your fave? Our pick: Harry Potter (DUH!).

In Memoriam Montage

Cue Celine Dion. Cue the sad song (Charlie Chaplin’s depressingly sad-happy “Smile”). Cue the montage of those who passed: Dennis Hopper, Leslie Neilsen and Lynn Redgrave. (The Lena Horne tribute broke our hearts!) Cue the waterworks.

FINALLY! Best Picture Goes To…

And the winner is THE KING’S SPEECH! So happy for everyone who was honored by the Best Picture Award for The King’s Speech!

What was your favorite highlight?