It’s Official! New Paramore EP to Release This Summer!

It looks like the recent split and dramarama that followed aren’t going to slow down Paramore. Because Hayley has confirmed that the band will release an EP of new music this summer.

We’d suspected this was about to happen, but it’s great to have confirmation from the band themselves. Hayley confirmed that the EP will contain “In the Mourning” the acoustic song the band released online and performed live following the departure of the Farro brothers. “All the details aren’t worked out yet, but we definitely do want to release ‘In the Mourning’ and some other ones before we put out a record.”

The EP is likely going to contain acoustic material and possibly some songs that depart from Paramore’s normal sound. And Hayley has said that the next full-length album will “definitely have some heavy songs.”

The band will be recording the EP once their South American tour ends and will be working with Rob Cavallo, who produced Brand New Eyes.

So, Buzznet, excited for new Paramore? I know at least some of you probably are!