Music Monday: Burnham

Okay, okay before you peep the photo and rule these guys out as the next brother boy band, take a second and give them a listen.

So yes, Burnham does consist of 3 brothers who play pop-rock music, but they are certainly no Disney band. Hailing from a small town in Vermont, Alex, 19, Andre, 17, and Forrest, 15, grew up playing music with their UCLA music major mom and a father who shared his passion for rock music with the guys. From an early age, the brothers took music lessons at a local music school which gave them each the ability to play mutiple instruments.

Oldest brother Alex showcases his “wicked” guitar skills (I mean it, this kid can ROCK) on stage, while middle brother Andre switches between bass and piano. Youngest bro Forrest takes charge of the group with lead vocals, a talent he accidentally discovered when their music school lacked a singer for a performance.


After recording several demos, the boys signed with Island Def Jam in late 2009 and have been working hard ever since. In October, they jumped on the second leg of Justin Bieber‘s “My World 2.0” tour and released their first EP featuring singles “Don’t Be Shy” and “Catch Me If You Can,” produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder. Their debut LP is expected sometime this spring.

They may have that guilty pleasure pop sound, but they are genuinely talented. I’ve had the oppurtunity to spend some time with them and they’re the sweetest boys on top of everything (not to mention totally cute).

So give these guys a listen, even if you aren’t a teenage girl. As Beatle fanatic Andre jokes, “The Beatles’ fans were teenage girls when they first started out…just give us another 40 years.”

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