Movie of the day: SANCTUM 3D

Yesterday I’ve been at the cinema with my dad for to watch SANCTUM 3D.

I must say, James Cameron never disappoints me! It’s a great director and producer. I loved this movie so much, there’s everything: thrilling, emotions, anxiety, sadness. I also cried a couple of times in a few touched moments.

The fact to be in 3D is also a touch more for this movie, you seem to be there, under the sea, in these misterious, charming and at the same time dangerous underwater caves. It’s really catchy movie with great actors as Richard Roxburgh (he played Dracula in Van Helsing) and Ioan Gruffudd (already seen in Fantastic 4 in the role of Mr. Fantastic).

It’s inspired by a true story lived by the co-author of the movie, Andrew Wight and I advice this movie so much. It’s really really great!

VOTE: 10/10

Anyone else have watched it?