Miley Cyrus Dating Amy Winehouse’s Ex?

Look, we’re not usually all up in the business of who might be dating who (unless it’s JGL) but when we rubbed the sleep crust out of our eyes this morning and saw this headline it just conjured a funny mental image. Basically, this:

Image credit: GETTY

We’re not going to player-hate–the strapping man in question is Josh Bowman, and he’s currently Miley’s co-star. On set romance, you know how that goes.

It just reminds of this one boyfriend we had who didn’t have a “type” so to speak. His type was ‘female’.

What does Miley have in common with Ms. Winehouse? Well, she just got her 5th tattoo. Girlfriend still has a ways to go in the world of inking to measure up, obvs.

And Amy parties harder–USA or not. Clearly:


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