Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Back On Again?

A lot like Lindsay Lohan‘s career, Lindsay and Samantha Ronson’s relationship is full of ups, downs, and lows of lows.

But what goes down is sure to go up, right? Looks that way! The pair, who have had their fair share of the ugliest of ugly breakups – the Ronsons filing a restraining order against Ms. Lohan, for one – seemed to have patched things up this week.

Rumors circulated that LiLo and Sam Ro hooked up on Valentine’s Day, after the two were seen leaving Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood together.

Photo Credit: X17 Online

Still don’t believe the hearsay? Sam tweeted early this morning:

“watching grey’s anatomy-my fav show-@lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me- should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA?”

Uh, Sam – if you didn’t know who Lindsay Lohan is, looks like you do now!

Do you think Lindsay and Sam will make this one last? Or is this just going to get ugly again?