If You Don’t Like My Peaches Don’t Shake My Tree

Me and my kitty Waffle had a little photo party after my meeting today. Beanies are so great when you don’t have time to wash your hair. The best ones are over size, floppy and woven. In between riding the wave of the new Coco line, producing the S/S Tokyolux collection and gearing up for Coachella partys im having a serious itch to hit the road again. Im booking a flight for Miami and Philly this week and planning out some roadtrips for spring! Im currently taking an online course on Chakrah healing, I have learned so much already that I can tell when people have the different energies out of balance. Its really intresting how much of our day to day life is based on energy.

Currently Loving: Beetles Pandora radio, Freeks & Geeks box set, renewed crush on James Franco and what a weirdo he is, vanilla hookah, silent French films, lavender tea lattes, oversized chunky rings, five inch glitter heels and tiny braids.