All of us were waiting for the new video for “Hold It Against Me” from Miss Britney Spears. The single is a hit record high sales, audience, #1 in iTunes video chart and views on YouTube (almost 5 million in less than 48 hours).

The video is about Britney’s career: like a meteor rocking the world in 1998, she was called the Princess of Pop or American dream girl, then it passes through her divorce, followed from her dark period in 2007 and finally her rebirth.

It’s Britney bitch!

So this epic video also has some amazing outfits, check out them!

In the first verse Britney sings and dances with hot boy dancers all around her:

She has something like violet cover fingers, pendant earrings and a sparkling necklace, a white short corset, a sequined pair of shorts, a bulleted belt and sparkling black heels.

Dancers help her to wear a colourful jacket and she puts on her RADIANCE perfume and touches up the makeup

The song goes on and we see Britney with an amazing long white dress, some bracalets and an huge ancient necklace: all around her are microphones and monitors showing her old videos

Britney also wears a pair of weird gloves…

Here Britney, with million of microphones ready for catch her every word, reminds us of her CIRCUS era in this red sequin outfit. On her left fingers she has sharp black nails!!

During the bridge part we come back the first Britney, with white corset and sequin shorts, and from the weird gloves shoot a lot of fluorescent colours that start to colorize all the videos and the wonderful white dress and Brit floats in the air:

At the same time we can see the fight against a double Britney with the same sequin dress with feathers and silk tail in the back, but with different colours: one wears it in red, one in indigo, and also here the heels are extremly high:

After the fight the double Britney falls down as the one who wears white dress:

In the end they stand up and Britney is ready to dance and sing her last refrain in a really tight black leather short dress with leather gloves like a real rocker girl, paired with black boots and an amazing necklace in black and gold: so sexy, so dirty, so rock’n’roll

Would you hold it against her?

So… What’s your fav outfit from the video?

PS: I wanna thank my doll Nefertara for having advised me to do this post! Love you!

And continued to support Britney!!!