Here I am again

Hi Buzznet guys!!! I miss you so much in those last days! I’ve been so busy, on Wednesday I did my first exam and I think it’s been good, tomorrow I’ll know the result and you guys will be the first to know it!! 😉 From Thursday to Saturday I took a couple of time for myself, relax, realax and once relax and shopping xp Then I have a blister on my left foot and I don’t walk very well, yesterday I walked a little bit more and I was really tired… I hope my foot can get well soon… It’s so pestering!

Well, finally I can post something new, I updated BRITNEY SPEARS OUT & ABOUT 2011 GALLERY with new pics, rumors, infos and more and I’m really happy Brit won on Gaga! It’s Britney B*tch! I can’t wait to buy her new album, I’m so excited!

So yesterday I’ve been in Austria for shopping and mainly for a reason: buy HOLD IT AGAINST ME single! Germany and Austria are the only countries the single has been relased as phisycal single, in the other ones only in digital form, so I’m so proud to be one of the few people to have it at home!

I bought some things for Easter also for my American best friend Celine and I hope she loves them when I’ll send her the package 😉

The Heart Of Everything – Within Temptation (I was searching for this album from ages); Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars; NENA 3 CDs Pack: NENA, EISBRECHER, BONGO GIRL

Sweater from NewYorker – It’s really really warmth and fluffy, when i saw it I thought to Britney, she’s one really really similar

Striped bra from NewYorker (when I saw Brit’s striped bikini in Miami last month I fell in love so when I found this bra I was in heaven xD); Frog tshirt from FOREVER18 (I don’t know if this store is from the same chain of FOREVER21, what I know is that this store is simply cute and have a lot of sweet tshirt, like this one. Love at first sight)

White Pants from NewYorker (I really need a pair of white pants for such a long time)

Cupcake necklace from Claire’s (I’ll send the other one to Celine, mine has a little name plate with “friends” and Celine’s one “best”); white studs and sparkling bracalet/belt from NewYorker; HIPPO key-ring from Claire’s (everyone of you knows how much I love hippos, and this is such cute, if you push the hippo the heart beats xp); pinkbow ring from Claire’s (really KAWAII); lace & leather gloves from Claire’s; YSL Boheme Libertine Spring 2011 – Duo Favorite Chic n°5

I hope everyone of you is having a great weekend!

Love you