GLEE’s Matthew Morrison’s New Single Hits The Radiowaves

It’s not quite the stuff Mr. Schuester sings about… or is it? Glee star Matthew Morrison debuted his new single “Summer Rain” on the airwaves with Ryan Seacrest today, and… well, let’s just say that the subject matter makes his “Thong Song” rendition seem like a children’s lullaby.

Off of his upcoming solo album Summer Rain, Matthew sings these lyrics in the folksy, not so poppy first single:

Your eyes are beggin’ me to touch you thereCould be a thousand people watchin’ but we don’t care

But look at you tonight, so beautiful under these neon lights, yeahWho needs lovers’ lane? Right up on this rooftop, let’s make love in the summer rain

Nothin’ better than givin’ this all to youAnd the weather’s only adding to the moodSee the wind’s blowin’, fire’s growin’, both of us soakin’ wetBut let’s stay, yeah. Let’s get carried away

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sounds like someone’s been inspired – perhaps by his smooching partner Olivia Munn?

Listen to Matthew’s debut single “Summer Rain” HERE!

Just don’t expect his solo album to sound like his work on Glee: “I want to stay a little bit away from Glee,” he said, adding that he believed to “be taken seriously, I had to write my own songs”… so he did.

Recording a solo album isn’t a far stretch from what Matthew’s used to: aside from Glee, he’s a seasoned Broadway vet who also had a brief stint in the boy band LMNT, which he describes as “the worst year of [his] life.”

Matthew in his boy band days with LMNT. Sure explains A LOT!

What do you think of Matthew’s new single? Are you digging his new sound, or would you rather hear more Glee-esque music?