Five Best Super Bowl Commercials

I actually spent my Sunday split between the Vintage Clothing Expo and the couch (watching a Kim and Kourtney Take New York) so I missed the Super Bowl completely but I still watched all the commercials this morning because that’s really the only part I care about. Here are my picks for the top five:

1. Volkswagen: The Force

Few things are better than a child dressed as Darth Vader, with accompanying soundtrack.

2. NFL: Best Fans Ever

It’s like all my best friends had a giant Super Bowl party together (note: this is probably the only Super Bowl party I would be interested in going to).

3. Chrysler: Imported from Detroit

This commercial was pure art (I maybe sort of cried a little) and while I can’t prove this, I’m pretty sure Eminem was feeling actual EMOTIONS while filming it. (Or he was hungry).

4. Best Buy: Ozzy vs. Bieber

I’m a sucker for anything involving Ozzy Osbourne. Also, Justin Bieber as a creepy old dude calling himself out for looking like a girl made my brain feel like it was at a really good rave. He was also pretty funny in The Roomate mocking sketch in SNL.

5. E*Trade: Enzo

I don’t care what anyone says, I love these E*Trade babies. (The Evian babies, however, are very creepy). When this baby reaches out and caresses Enzo’s face, everything in the entire world is perfect and right for one moment. The only thing I love more than the talking E*Trade babies is the Kia Hamsters, which is why I am writing a strongly worded email to Kia about their stupid Super Bowl commercial this year.