My February Top 10 Chart!

February end is around the corner, and here I am with my second blog about my top 10 songs of this month. I must admit it, it hasn’t been so easy because not a lot of songs has been released this month, or well, I don’t love all of them, so in this chart there are also a couple of Italian songs.

This is my February top 10 chart:

(click on the title for watch the video)

#10 Kush – Dr.Dre ft. Snoop Dogg

Dr.Dre: a legend, Snoop Dogg: my hip hop myth, Akon: after his work with MJ I appreciate him more. This track is really catchy and really gangsta. Cars, money and beautiful woman, a must in hip hop videos

#9 I need a doctor – Dr.Dre ft. Eminem

I really really love those two Eminem’s albums! He’s fantastic! And this song is one of my fav hip hop song of the last 2-3 years! Absolutely another success for Mr. Slim Shady

#8 Goodbye Malinconia – Caparezza ft. Tony Hadley

Third featuring for this chart, are passed a lot of years from “Gold” and “True”, two of the most successful song of Spandau Ballet, in February 2011, Tony Hadley records a featuring with Caparezza, an Italian rapper, really really funny and the result is an amazing hit reminds 70s/80s disco time. To listen!

#7 Un soffio caldo – Zucchero

Second single from his last album “Chocaback”, Zucchero is the king of blues and with another softy song full of emotions. For me one of the best Italian song of a songwriter of the last years.

#6 Where you at – Jennifer Hudson

I must say to haven’t listen a lot of songs about her, but this one makes me shiver!!! Her voice is brilliant, one of the best in music area of the last years,, she’s really talented and so strong woman! Memorable her performance with this song at Oprah’s show!

#5 Hollywood Tonight – Michael Jackson

2nd single for this Michael’s unpublished album and one of my favs. Really love the beat. Some people says Madonna inspired Michael for this song. What do you think?

#4 Grenade – Bruno Mars

After the success of “Just The Way You Are”, Grammy winner Bruno Mars arrives with his second single, completely different to the first one. If in “Just The Way You Are” he makes feel his girlfriend the best woman on Earth, tells every her qualities, in “Grenade”, Bruno wants punish his girlfriend, dedicating to her a great grenade, for their ended relationship.

#3 Arriverà – Emma ft. Modà

This Italian song is arrived at 2nd place during the last Sanremo Festival (finished last week), this song talks about an ended love and the brave to come back the power for start again. Emma is the winner of the last AMICI talent show in 2010, and Modà are one of the most famous Italian group of the moment, they have worked really hard for arrive where they are now, they are really talented. And when the singer wrote this song thought to a duet with Emma.

#2 Fu*kin’ Perfect – P!nk

Second new song for her Greatest Hits. A thing is sure: P!nk hasn’t mince words and she’s not worried about what people could think about her. She simply sings what she feels, and this is one of the things I admire of her. This song is awesome and the video too. It’s a track makes reflect a lot and I reflect in it so much, I think 99% of people did it! And this is a fucking perfect hymne to be yourself!

#1 Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears

Continue to keep really close the top, I’m talking about Miss Britney Spears: the Queen of Pop. On February 17th has been finally released the video and in only 10 days it’s been already watched to almost 15 million of people! It’s Britney Bitch!

What’s your February top 10?

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